Maryam Nisa Judan

The Woman Behind the Business

Maryam Nisa Judan is a certified yoga instructor and received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Through her own personal journey of self-reflection and self-healing, April discovered that combining these two elements offered her profound peace and comfort. Soon after, April founded Therapy Art Theater with the goal of bringing that same healing experience to others like her: perfectly imperfect, but seeking growth and inner harmony.

Our Philosophy

Yoga and art are two forms of material energy that help us tap into both our conscious and our subconscious selves. In a sense, it is like the sun and the moon working together to achieve a harmonious balance. This is what we strive to help you create within through this unique type of practice.

What You’ll Get Out of This Class

This class is a 1-hour yoga and painting instructional, but with your payment you’ll also receive full lifetime access to previous videos and a certificate of completion. In addition, this course strives to help each student achieve the following benefits:

Calm and balance your mind

Revive your spirit

Bring about internal change

Relax and discover your inner peace

Class Details

Our art and yoga classes are designed to provide mental and physical healing as well as generate an overall sense of calm and peace of mind. Students will learn how watercolor paints work with the water and how to use them effectively, covering topics such as:

  • The principle of a color wash
  • The basics of color mixing
  • Creating shape and shading
  • Painting a three-dimensional object
  • Creating highlights and shadows

Ultimately, students will gain confidence with this medium through repetition and practice



A Level 1 class should be both foundational, meaning you can build a yoga practice progressively, and accessible, meaning you can try most things as a newer student. The pace also leans towards the slower side, but it should still present a challenge.

Avoid Level 1 classes that are watered down versions of the studio’s other classes.

Solo Classes

$115 / Month

  • Unlimited Access to On-Demand Classes
  • Practice Anytime, Anywhere
  • Classes for Beginners & Experienced Practitioners
  • Watch On Any Device
  • High-Quality Audio & Video
  • New Classes Added Weekly

Monthly Classess

$299.99 / Month

  • Unlimited Access to In-Studio, On-Demand & Live-Streaming Classes
  • Classes for Beginners & Experienced Practitioners
  • Live Class
  • Accountability of a Live Class
  • High-Quality Audio & Video
  • Connect with a Live Community
  • On-Demand & Live-Streaming Included
  • 15% off Retail Purchases
  • Priority Sign-up For Classes

A Whole-Body Healing Experience

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