Yoga + Art = Wellness

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How do I get good at yoga?

We all have a desire to be good at the things we do.
Yoga is a skill and that works in your favor because you can learn skills.


The goal is to build a sustainable practice—one that you can enjoy as long as you choose. Put the time in, week-by-week, month-by-month. If you do, you’ll start to see changes. You’ll be stronger, calmer and more at ease. You’ll feel better and many aches and pains, the result of body imbalances, will disappear.

It can happen because it’s happened for millions. Everyone who practiced yoga, or has ever practiced, was once new too. You’re in good company.

Heal Yourself Through Art

There are so many health benefits of both yoga and painting, both for your mental and physical well-being. Combined, these incredible tools form a one-of-a-kind healing session like no other.

View Some Stunning
Past Creations

Our clients get so much out of our sessions, and many have opted to share their finished pieces with us. Take a look at what some students have created!


Curious About What We Do?

Yoga and art—what a concept, right? If you have questions about how things work, what it costs, how we started, etc. this is the page for you.

Ready for a Whole-Body Healing Experience?

Donate $20

and receive a FREE 30 minute class!